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What are your experience options?

There are a few ways that you can maximize your Center of Creativity Experience-
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  • Workshop
  • Personal Retreat
  • Group Project
  • Work & Play

Join a Workshop- $500 a day

We will schedule workshops once we have at least 5 people interested in the same topic. Workshop details and schedule will be sent via email once they are confirmed. The workshops are designed to provide an immersive learning experience suited to your needs. After formal instruction ends for the day, you can choose to continue working, relax with other artists, or play with the dogs. The cost includes accommodation, a group evening meal, and 24/7 food options. All necessary materials will be provided, unless otherwise stated in the application.

Design a Personal Retreat– starting at $250 a day

This is a perfect option for those of you that have experience and don’t need any instruction. If you are looking for a quiet place to focus, that has a studio setup with all of the tools that you need, this is the option for you. You would have access to the workspace 24/7 allowing your your creativity to flow freely. Do you want to come for the weekend and spend the entire time in the studio? No problem… You don’t have to use the bedroom! But you might want to shower if you join us for a meal out!

Group Retreat or Project- Minimum of 5 people

Are you looking to organize a group retreat or project for a minimum of 5 people? Whether it’s a group of friends, an organization, or any other group, and you want to collaborate on a project together, I can assist you. You might be interested in creating something for a fundraiser, learning a new craft, or just having a creative group getaway. You have the option to work on your own in one of my studios, or we can help you create a customized Group Retreat that meets your specific requirements. Our offerings include sleeping accommodations, a group evening meal, and 24/7 food options.

We will customize your retreat to include everything that will make it a perfect gathering. The prices vary and will depend on the specific inclusions you choose. On average, the price is $250 per person for minimal guidance to get your project started and minimal instruction, or $400 per person with a formal workshop and instruction.

Work & Play- Limited AvailabilityWork/Play/Application

This offer is intended for those who are interested in staying for a week or two, or even the entire summer, and using our studios. If you’re looking to “work off” your retreat, there are always tasks to be done here at the CoC, such as painting a wall or installing a new toilet. In exchange for 10 hours of labor per week of stay, you’ll have the rest of the time to yourself. I typically select only one intern or resident per year. To apply, you’ll need to fill out an application, which I’ll review and let you know if you are accepted. We provide a place to stay and occasionally dinner, but otherwise, you’re responsible for your own meals.