Work/Play/Learn Application

Application for a Work/Play/Learn Opportunity

I occasionally accept Work/Play and/or Work/Learn Residency Participants throughout the year. The availability of these opportunities can be random, depending on my schedule. If you are accepted, you will ‘Work‘ at the Center of Creativity for 15 to 20 hours per week without any additional fees for your visit. These hours must be completed within the first few days of the scheduled week, unless we agree on something else. The remaining time is yours to ‘Play‘, giving you 24/7 access to the studios for your own projects or to explore new mediums. If you are interested in a ‘Learning‘ opportunity, you can work with me on an Artist Cindy Chinn project while also working on your own project. During your stay, I will provide living accommodations and the occasional meal, but you will need to fend for yourself for food and find your own way to the Center of Creativity, which is located in the center of the United States, unless we arrange otherwise.

The disclaimer is: I have had several work/play/learn participants over the years. Some fit in while others don’t and are asked to leave early. Let me be upfront and give you a few examples of how that happens:

  • You don’t fulfill your agreed-upon work.
  • You take an excessive amount of time to complete a simple task, like changing a light bulb.
  • You indulge in excessive drinking and waste my time talking about the spiritual meaning of life as an Artist.
  • You isolate yourself in your room for prolonged periods, which we find concerning.
  • You don’t work on a personal project, which defeats the purpose of your stay.

When I have an opening that I feel you are best suited for, I will contact you through email. Please refrain from calling me, as I don’t usually make or receive phone calls regarding this matter. If you do call, your application may be placed at the bottom of the pile.