How To

Here’s a few documents that I’ve put together to explain some of the procedures I’ve using in my previous workshops for small classes I held in the past.

Lamp Workshop

Wine Bottle Lamp Making Workshop
PDF How To

In this “easy to do” how to workshop, we will be taking a wine bottle and some fake grapes to create a unique lamp project for the wine aficionado in your life, weather that be yourself or your Aunt Irene. I’m also going to assume that you have some crafting knowledge and know how to use a few simple tools. This can be a quick, fun project for the family.

Clock Workshop

Clock Making Workshop
PDF How To

For this project I’ve decided to do something with an old rusty frying pan that was hanging in the Home Economics room when we moved into the school. It’s a great way to preserve some of the history of the place… in a functional way. The utensils were donated to the cause from an old auction box of kitchenware. I’m guessing that they have their own history as well!
You can make a clock out of a variety of things and get as elaborate as you like, but I wanted to make something very simple for this workshop to get you thinking about what you can do with clocks.

Sun Print

Sun Printing Workshop
PDF How To

In this how to workshop, we will be using transparent light sensitive Setacolor paints and opaque objects to block the light and draw the color out of the wet fabric. Basically the exposed areas dry first, in the hot light; the drying, exposed fabric sucks additional wet dye out from under whatever you have placed on top of the fabric, resulting in a lighter-colored ‘shadow’ wherever you placed the masking objects.

tote bag

Batik Tote Bag Workshop
PDF How To

A step by step guide for making a batik tote bag using wax and cookie cutters to make a cool tote bag. In this example we will be using Dharma Pigment Dyes and Soy Wax, on cotton, but the instructions can be adapted to other fabrics or dyes, the basic principles remain the same.